16 July 2007

Lebanon and the Region, where to?

So much for dead activity since almost one year! Where are we heading to?
From the Iraq war days till today we can deduce the following:

The introduction of Divide Strategy in Iraq has worked against the US expectations, however it has introduced a dangerous element and ignited the fuse of nation global rearrangment possibilities!

The way Saddam was hanged itself was a glimpse of what's coming! The way they shouted during his hanging and praized *whoever Sadr...is itself a self-igniting bomb. Sunnis could not take it anymore, and Shiites fell into the trap of civil war.

Irradication is in progress!

Where? In Iraq, in KSA, in Bahrain, in UAE, and soon in Lebanon & Syria!

The final straw would be in Lebanon, as it's the only place where they have a link to Iran as decision maker, now that Syira is out of the equation.

People in the Middle-east soon will have to be forced to decide where they stand and to which side they belong to; Are they Arabs, Persians, Africans, etc...?

With the downfall of Iraq, Iran has strengthened like ever. Don't get mistakened, arms has nothing to do with that, as we are talking only about political winning cards! and they hold theirs after Syria got expelled from Lebanon.
Recently Iran had quarrels and reminders with Bahrain! These are only vibrations of what's coming. However, let no one think that he possesses enough arms and power to make war... no one has anything! All these fighter-planes purchased by the wealthy, are simply the "no-good-low-grade-Class C" not fit for stopping an attacking enemy fighter plane! They are good for showcase to put fear in the brains of all surrounding neighbours! It's fake power.
Let's be honest here, enough stupidity and blindness, there's only one superpower in the region, who has enough fire-power, attck and defense to ravage the region!

We all praize the Lebanese army in their efforts in the North standing against the terrorists.... but come'on, Gazelle Heli's???? these things swing enough to hit variations with mistakes of like 60 degres angles.... there's no way you can hit a building without being so dangerously close to it!!! And we paid money for those!
I pity....
While Appachies, lazer guided, heavily powered with latest technologies are even not bought as such by the Arabs in the region....even those were not offered to the army!

How to avoid civil war in Lebanon?
Well, Saint-Cloud meeting are a way to force the politicians and make them understand the real situation at stake: either make-up or bear the consequences of multitude of wars!
Lebanon is counting on Lahhoud's out to start new elections... everything will change from there: If further resistance to election in its normal way... then civil war will erupt!
The other side of it, is Iran pressure card if requested from US to be exerted in Lebanon, or again in opposing direction, thi scan be a destroying card yet to create further chaos.... neighbours will benefit from such a position as they proove to be the only Peace restaurers again!

It's around two to three month... election will proove fate of the Lebanese people.
In anyway, prepare yourself... leave, or stay and stay armed with faith or other and be prepared! (BigDogg)

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Lebanon Time-Line

Introducing Lebanon

Coolly combining the ancient with the ultramodern, Lebanon is one of the most captivating countries in the Middle East. From the Phoenician findings of Tyre (Sour) and Roman Baalbek's tremendous temple to Beirut's BO18 and Bernard Khoury's modern movement, the span of Lebanon's history leaves many visitors spinning. Tripoli (Trablous) is considered to have the best souk in the country and is famous for its Mamluk architecture. It's well equipped with a taste of modernity as well; Jounieh, formerly a sleepy fishing village, is a town alive with nightclubs and glitz on summer weekends.

With all of the Middle East's best bits - warm and welcoming people, mind-blowing history and considerable culture, Lebanon is also the antithesis of many people's imaginings of the Middle East: mostly mountainous with skiing to boot, it's also laid-back, liberal and fun. While Beirut is fast becoming the region's party place, Lebanon is working hard to recapture its crown as the 'Paris of the Orient'.

The rejuvenation of the Beirut Central District is one of the largest, most ambitious urban redevelopment projects ever undertaken. Travellers will find the excitement surrounding this and other developments and designs palpable - and very infectious.

Finally, Lebanon's cuisine is considered the richest of the region. From hummus to hommard (lobster), you'll dine like a king. With legendary sights, hospitality, food and nightlife, what more could a traveller want?

Introducing Beirut

What Beirut is depends entirely on where you are. If you’re gazing at the beautifully reconstructed colonial relics and mosques of central Beirut’s Downtown, the city is a triumph of rejuvenation over disaster.

If you’re in the young, vibrant neighbourhoods of Gemmayzeh or Achrafiye, Beirut is about living for the moment: partying, eating and drinking as if there’s no tomorrow. If you’re standing in the shadow of buildings still peppered with bullet holes, or walking the Green Line with an elderly resident, it’s a city of bitter memories and a dark past. If you’re with Beirut’s Armenians, Beirut is about salvation; if you’re with its handful of Jews, it’s about hiding your true identity. Here you’ll find the freest gay scene in the Arab Middle East, yet homosexuality is still illegal. If you’re in one of Beirut’s southern refugee camps, Beirut is about sorrow and displacement; other southern districts are considered a base for paramilitary operations and south Beirut is home to infamous Hezbollah secretary general, Hassan Nasrallah. For some, it’s a city of fear; for others, freedom.

Throw in maniacal drivers, air pollution from old, smoking Mercedes taxis, world-class universities, bars to rival Soho and coffee thicker than mud, political demonstrations, and swimming pools awash with more silicone than Miami. Add people so friendly you’ll swear it can’t be true, a political situation existing on a knife-edge, internationally renowned museums and gallery openings that continue in the face of explosions, assassinations and power cuts, and you’ll find that you’ve never experienced a capital city quite so alive and kicking – despite its frequent volatility.