26 November 2008

* Bank Al Madina Conspiracy Time Line (part C): The Largest Robery


Rana used all kinds of fraudulent activities, including forgery, document fabrication and fraud maneuvers in order to pull off her crime of stealing the money of Dr Adnan and the depositors.

Dr Adnan was regularly sending money transfers to his personal account at Bank AI-Madina from his bank accounts in Saudi Arabia and Switzerland.

Rana used to convince him that the transfers were badly needed either in order to enhance the bank liquidity, or to increase the bank capital in preparation for its expansion and upcoming merger of the two sister banks. For that purpose, she even faxed him several letters and communications between Bank AI-Madina and the Central Bank of Lebanon in which the Central Bank agreed to the merger of the two sister banks (Bank AI-Madina and United Credit Bank) and to the capital increase provided that 180 millions dollars is pumped by Dr Adnan. Those letters were lately found to have been forged by her and are currently the subject of a lawsuit brought by the Central Bank of Lebanon Governor against the perpetrator.

Dr Adnan was sending the money transfers to his personal bank account # 69911 at Bank AI-Madina. However, Rana, with the help of her mob, was able to falsify bank records and to reroute the inward bank transfers sent by Dr Adnan to other specific accounts and then stealing it by withdrawing it in cash, or by cheques, or transferring it to other bank accounts inside and outside the country.

The total amount of these transfers made by Dr Adnan to his personal account at Bank AI-Madina was 790 millions US dollars which she embezzled completely.

The personal bank account # 69911 of Dr Adnan to which all the transfers were made was recently, and after the scam was discovered, found to be non-existent neither in the bank records nor in the bank computer system. It was wiped out completely with no trace of the 790 millions dollars. This confirms that an organized conspiracy has been planned and included among others, the swift department, the accounting department and the external audit firm.

In addition to stealing Dr Adnan’s savings, Rana was also able to steal the depositors’ money through many bank loans that she managed to get from Bank AI-Madina to her and her brothers and accomplices without any tangible backing or collateral. Her loan balance reached at one time 310 Millions Dollars.

"Bank AI-Madina Conspiracy" Main Events and Timeline October 14, 2004 that the bank situation is excellent and that its liquidity is the highest among all banks in the country. For that purpose, she used to show him the fake financial and accounting reports about the bank situation that she made up with her accomplices.

Rana’s golden opportunity was during the period of 2000 to 2002 when the General Manager, Mr. Ibrahim, spent extended periods abroad, in Canada and the United States, seeking medical treatment for certain health problems.

Everyone who knew this woman say that she is a wicked dangerous woman ready to do anything to achieve her heartless objectives. Lies and deception were her daily bread. She is a highly professional liar, an expert in bribery, money laundering and forgery of classified material.

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Lebanon Time-Line

Introducing Lebanon

Coolly combining the ancient with the ultramodern, Lebanon is one of the most captivating countries in the Middle East. From the Phoenician findings of Tyre (Sour) and Roman Baalbek's tremendous temple to Beirut's BO18 and Bernard Khoury's modern movement, the span of Lebanon's history leaves many visitors spinning. Tripoli (Trablous) is considered to have the best souk in the country and is famous for its Mamluk architecture. It's well equipped with a taste of modernity as well; Jounieh, formerly a sleepy fishing village, is a town alive with nightclubs and glitz on summer weekends.

With all of the Middle East's best bits - warm and welcoming people, mind-blowing history and considerable culture, Lebanon is also the antithesis of many people's imaginings of the Middle East: mostly mountainous with skiing to boot, it's also laid-back, liberal and fun. While Beirut is fast becoming the region's party place, Lebanon is working hard to recapture its crown as the 'Paris of the Orient'.

The rejuvenation of the Beirut Central District is one of the largest, most ambitious urban redevelopment projects ever undertaken. Travellers will find the excitement surrounding this and other developments and designs palpable - and very infectious.

Finally, Lebanon's cuisine is considered the richest of the region. From hummus to hommard (lobster), you'll dine like a king. With legendary sights, hospitality, food and nightlife, what more could a traveller want?

Introducing Beirut

What Beirut is depends entirely on where you are. If you’re gazing at the beautifully reconstructed colonial relics and mosques of central Beirut’s Downtown, the city is a triumph of rejuvenation over disaster.

If you’re in the young, vibrant neighbourhoods of Gemmayzeh or Achrafiye, Beirut is about living for the moment: partying, eating and drinking as if there’s no tomorrow. If you’re standing in the shadow of buildings still peppered with bullet holes, or walking the Green Line with an elderly resident, it’s a city of bitter memories and a dark past. If you’re with Beirut’s Armenians, Beirut is about salvation; if you’re with its handful of Jews, it’s about hiding your true identity. Here you’ll find the freest gay scene in the Arab Middle East, yet homosexuality is still illegal. If you’re in one of Beirut’s southern refugee camps, Beirut is about sorrow and displacement; other southern districts are considered a base for paramilitary operations and south Beirut is home to infamous Hezbollah secretary general, Hassan Nasrallah. For some, it’s a city of fear; for others, freedom.

Throw in maniacal drivers, air pollution from old, smoking Mercedes taxis, world-class universities, bars to rival Soho and coffee thicker than mud, political demonstrations, and swimming pools awash with more silicone than Miami. Add people so friendly you’ll swear it can’t be true, a political situation existing on a knife-edge, internationally renowned museums and gallery openings that continue in the face of explosions, assassinations and power cuts, and you’ll find that you’ve never experienced a capital city quite so alive and kicking – despite its frequent volatility.